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Lean Quest History


Since it’s beginning in 2001, Lean Quest, LLC has specialized in leading its clients through successful implementations using Lean concepts and techniques. Client initiatives range from large-scale cultural transformations and supply chain transformations to focused continuous improvement (Kaizen) events and training activities.


The basis of Lean Quest’s process, operations knowledge and experience comes directly from Toyota, the company widely credited with inventing and perfecting Lean. In the mid-1980’s the team members of Lean Quest were employed at Toyota Motor Sales, USA – North American Parts Logistics Division as Toyota launched one of their first applications of the Toyota Production System (Lean) outside of Japan and the its manufacturing plants. Throughout the next sixteen years, the team members of Lean Quest gained their knowledge through the experience of working with and direct coaching from the Toyota Sensei Masters in Japan, the US, and Europe as they transformed Toyota’s service parts supply chain to apply TPS (Lean).


Since it’s founding, Lean Quest’s knowledge, experience, and focus has been on delivering Lean solutions within and across our clients’ value chains. Lean Quest’s client list includes organizations with some of the largest and most complex operations in the world. Our diverse client list includes industries ranging from automotive to government to financial services to grocery to scientific labs. Click here for a list of clients. Our approach combines management consulting, training and coaching and has allowed us to build lasting mutually beneficial relationships with these clients.


The capability to apply Lean outside of manufacturing has also proven to be a powerful knowledge set and experience for Lean Quest. Learning Lean outside of manufacturing and the established tools and predetermined solutions, forced the team members of Lean Quest to truly understand Lean and the application of the Value, Principle and Capabilities from the inside out. This has made Lean Quest much more effective at applying Lean in a diverse set of industries and circumstances. Lean Quest’s first engagement was in service parts warehouses. This expertise has grown to encompass many other types of distribution (retail, grocery, manufacturing logistics, B2C Fulfillment, 3PL, etc) and has grown in scale to include all facets of a supply chain transformation. Lean Quest implementations and experience has now expanded to many different types of business processes including: Supply Chains, Financial Services, Product Development, Scientific Labs, Systems Development, Administrative / Office Processes, etc. Lean Quest also continues to expanded its global reach with clients based in more than a dozen countries spread over four continents.

Lean Quest Partners

Dynamic Links International has extensive experience in human resources, training and leadership development and coaching, with an emphasis on maximizing employee involvement and productivity. Dynamic Links brings workplace knowledge and practical application gleaned form years in various settings, including education, manufacturing and business. 


Trained by Toyota Motor Corporation master trainers, Dynamic Links personnel have worked a combined 23 years at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky where they lived with the Toyota Production System. They have proven track records in implementing a foundation for Lean cultures at Manufacturing, distribution and corporate facilities.

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At Lean Consulting Associates (LCA), we delve deeper. We work hand-in-hand to transfer knowledge, advance thinking, and propel your team’s capabilities to a whole new level.

Time and again, we improve businesses’ top and bottom lines. But, that’s just the beginning. Our larger goal is to transform your entire operation. We start with your most precious asset — your people — and develop them into a passionate, self-perpetuating force of LEAN.


Lead by Bob Bennett, who served as a Group Vice President and Officer of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. and General Manager of Toyota’s North American Parts Logistics Division. Lean Consulting Associates has combined executives that were trained by Toyota Motor Corporation master trainers and have exceptional practical knowledge and insight in Lean.

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Lean Dynamix is a consulting serves and technology provider that specializes in design and implementation of Lean best-practices. 


Lean Dynamix is made up of highly skilled and deeply experienced practitioners who bring with them lessons it has taken decades and careers to accumulate both in the private sector as well as in the public and military arena.

Workldwide Reach

Lean Quest's Global Reach

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