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Case Studies

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When consumed by the daily grind, it can be challenging to evaluate operations. Assessments provide a structured and repeatable process for reviewing operational activities and identifying opportunities for improvement. Lean Quest uses these assessments both for initial evaluations and planning and to facilitate regular reviews by the leadership team. 
Case Studies:
  • General Warehouse Assessment
  • Monthly Lean Evaluation 
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Foundations (Standard Work)
Standard Work is a Lean Principle and is foundational to a repeatable and reliable process. Standard Work includes:
  • Standard Sequence
  • Standard In Process Stock 
  • Standard Time
Together the elements of Standard Work set the exceptions for how things should work. Actual operations are compared to these exceptions regularly to identify problems.   
Lean Quest uses a Foundations Improvement 
Event to establish Standard Work.
Case Study:
  • Foundations Improvement Event


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Just In Time Operations
The Principle of Just In Time is used to synchronize operations most efficiently and effectively. It creates flow and pace required to deliver “The right material, at the right time, at the right place, and in the exact amount” required by the customer. 
Case Studies:   
  • JIT Implementation
  • JIT Operations Diagram for Outbound Operations 
  • JIT Order Release
  • Progress Control Boards


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Continuous Improvement Events (CIE)

Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) is the ability to improve the performance of an organization through problem-solving. Call it a Rapid Improvement Event, Continuous Improvement Event, or Kaizen Event, the ability to solve problems using a structured and scientific method is key to successful lean journey. 

Case Studies:   

  • Lead Times Reduction & Productivity Increase
  • Quality Improved, On-Time Delivery
    Improved & Productivity Increased
  • Productivity Increased & On Time 
    Delivery Improved 
  • Waste Reduction 


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Process Design
Process Design
For some clients, activities exceed the typical scope of a Continuous Improvement Event; in this case, a more complete Process Design will be performed. These models are the basis, catalyzing the program moving forward.  
Case Studies:   
  • Establish Model - Outbound Value Stream
  • Model Facility Process Design 
  • Process Flow Design  
  • Design Model Process 


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Lean Storage
Storage is vital to a high performing warehouse operation. Applying the seven Lean Storage Techniques to the design and slotting of the storage layout can provide significant improvements to both the In Bound and Out Bound Value Streams. 
Case Studies:   
  • Lean Storage Criteria and Methodology 
  • Lean Slotting and Equipment Requirements 
  • Storage Implementation Project  


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Facilities Design
Facility Layout Design 
Proper facility layout design provides the "bones" on which the entire operation is built. Lean Quest has extensive experience designing new facilities and improving the layout of existing facilities. 
Case Studies:   
  • New Facility Design and Launch 
  • Facility Redesign  
  • CIE to Redesign Layout


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Annual Plan
Strategy Deployment / Annual Planning
Strategy Deployment is the cascading of the corporate strategy through each level of management so that it is reflected in the day-to-day operations. A vital element of this deployment is the Annual Plan.  
Case Studies:   
  • Annual Planning


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