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Product and Tools

Over our many years of guiding organizations through their Lean transformations, we have identified gaps that can be closed with “products and tools” that allow our clients to continue their Lean journey in the most effective way possible for them. There are two main types of these:

Software Tools


Lean Quest has developed several software tools to speed the analysis and reduce the effort required for projects. A couple of these tools have been made available for purchase by our clients. These tools address specific problems that are currently not addressed adequately in the marketplace.

DPR Access Navistar.png
Cloud DPR Demo Homepage.png
Storage Maint Tool.png

Training Simulation Kits


Lean Quest has developed three training simulation kits that can be used to deliver multiple types of training workshops. For an organization with a large population of associates, it is often more effective for them to purchase the simulation kit and work with Lean Quest to develop a train-the-trainer program. Allowing them to bring the delivery in house at a substantially reduced cost.

Training-Lego Cars-SQ.png
WH Sim Layout-SQ.png
Trgn S1B1-2.png
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