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Why work at Lean Quest?


The number one reason to work at Lean Quest is the people, both clients and team members, you’ll have the opportunity to work with daily. Our clients are driven to implement Lean within their organizations and create change. Your fellow Lean Quest team members are some of the most experienced in Lean. Cross learning between team members happens continually. 


Lean Quest has employment opportunities as full “W2 employees” or on a “1099” basis. Lean Quest offers a full set of benefits including medical, dental, vision, 401k, vacation and sabbatical. As with most consulting organizations, frequent travel is required. At Lean Quest we target each consultant at 75% travel. Frequent Flyer and Hotel Programs are yours to keep and enjoy. As a small firm we strive to keep the administrative burden to a minimum allowing you to focus on clients.

We're always looking for great people to fill these roles 


Managers        Consultants

Experts in Lean Methods



General Experience


Managers possess at least 15 years of experience in Business Process redesign and improvement or consulting; program management; and change management.


Position Description


The fundamental role of a Manager is to focus on providing strategic, large and tactical advisory services to the client. Managers are responsible for client engagements and program management of those engagements. In this capacity, they apply their extensive experience in planning and managing large-scale projects to control overall project scope, budgets and schedules for multi-project engagements.


Primary Responsibilities


  • Account management responsibilities

  • Supervisory and project review responsibilities

  • Identifying the needed organizational steps to enact the strategy or reach the vision

  • Turning critical steps into a change program made up of multiple, manageable projects

  • Develops team work plans

  • Ensures that all projects have the consulting resources needed to complete their unique tasks on target, on time, and on budget.

  • Responsible for project coordination and cooperation to keep them from colliding, conflicting, taking resources from each other, etc.

  • Oversees the everyday duties of the other team members

  • Facilities regular meetings

  • Coaches and counsels team members

  • Communicates with Managing Partner and local client management leadership to ensure critical issues are addressed

  • Provides guidance to projects based on their industry and functional area expertise

  • Oversees contract and financial management of one or more client engagements

  • Project budget preparation

  • Responsibility for business development, product development and business operations support




  • Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Business, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Information Technology

  • Masters’ Degree preferable

  • Continuing Education Certifications e.g. Six Sigma

General Experience


Consultants possess at least 7 years of functional experience in Business Process Improvement with responsibilities for implementing or managing functional areas. Has practical hands-on experience in a Lean Organization and has applied formal continuous improvement activities at the work site. Has extensive formal Lean training from a recognized source.



Position Description


Consultants apply their advanced skills and experience in project management, lean operations planning, implementation and management skills; broad and detailed knowledge of business processes; and technical background to implement business solutions. Consultants provide direction and facilitation to project teams; interact with clients at the supervisory level; and performs data collection, data analysis, problem identification, develops countermeasures and implements process improvement.



Primary Responsibilities


  • Provides input in the development of organizational steps to enact the strategy or reach the vision

  • Understands business challenges and translates them into process / technical solutions

  • Facilitates process development initiatives to achieve business goals

  • Identifies opportunities for improved operational performance

  • Conducts business operational assessments and deliver recommendations for improvements

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Supervisory and project review responsibilities

  • Assists in developing functional area project plans and budgets

  • Leads the delivery of training and facilitation modules

  • Designs training programs for clients

  • Develops and provides materials to execute work plans, training and facilitation modules

  • Communicates with supervisory management to ensure critical issues are addressed

  • Provide expert guidance to personnel on projects

  • Data collection, analysis, reporting

  • Project status reporting and participates in status update reviews

  • Project budget preparation

  • Responsibility for business development, product development and business operations support





  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • Continuing Education Certifications e.g. Six Sigma