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Lean Quest Approach

The Lean Quest approach to every engagement is based around knowledge transfer and the development of skills and abilities of our clients and their organizations while delivering business results. Our many years of experience has taught us that Lean is not something that can be done “to you,” it must become the way you execute your business. To accomplish this our knowledge and experience must be transferred to our clients. Whether the engagement is a limited Kaizen effort or a full cultural transformation, to ensure sustainability and longevity, the ownership and the commitment must become part of the way or working daily into the client leadership team. 

This transfer of knowledge and development of our client’s capabilities takes the form of 

  • Management Consulting & Coaching

  • Training

  • Tools & Products   




Lean Quest's Methodology has been developed as a result of over 100 years of collective experience implementing Lean in the US and across the world. This methodology applies a three-step approach, which includes:

  • A needs assessment

  • The creation of a strategic plan

  • The actual implementation within the operating units 


Needs assessments are conducted utilizing a combination of value stream mapping and analysis, Lean evaluation tools, and client data. From this assessment a strategic plan is created that maps a journey to Lean that is customized to meet the unique needs for each client. Once the implementation begins, Lean Quest closely partners with the client utilizing a combination of proven tools and methods, coaching sessions for small teams or 1-on-1, and targeted education programs designed to address specific needs including hands-on workshops and simulations. The goal of this methodology is not only to produce results for our clients, but also to develop a knowledge base within the client's organization so they can become self-sufficient in the implementation of Lean.


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