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Software Tools 

Lean Quest has developed several software tools to speed the analysis and reduce the effort required for projects. A couple of these tools have been made available for purchase by our clients. These tools address specific problems that are currently not addressed adequately in the marketplace.

Daily Performance Reporting


The Daily Performance Reporting Tool (DPR) has been developed to provide critical information for the leadership team regarding Productivity and critical metrics. The DPR is a software tool that allows the operation to effectively gather data related to units of work and hours of effort used. This allows for reporting and analysis of the actual performance levels and is fully aligned with Know Your Business (KYB). KYB is the critical data required for Workforce Planning and Progress Control Visuals. 


This tool fills a gap that exists in nearly all system environments:

  • Labor tracking systems track hours, but generally at a high level for payroll - normal vs overtime hours 

  • Operational systems (like warehouse management systems) can track units of work completed, but typically don’t track hours accurately. 


The DPR tool is fully customizable. Inputs can be automated with data upload interfaces from your existing systems or input by leaders. Analysis reports and data extracts are created in Excel format to facilitate future data analysis. The DPR Tool is available in both Cloud-based and MSFT Access-based versions. 


The DPR Tool meets many needs of the organization for both daily operations and long-term planning / management. 

Daily, the DPR Tool feeds vital elements like:

  • Workload Planning

  • Workforce Allocation

  • Shift Meetings

  • Productivity Reporting

  • Progress Control Visuals 

  • Payroll Accuracy 

Longer-term elements include:

  • Continuous Improvement Activities

  • Gap Analysis

  • Staffing levels 

  • Annual Planning

  • Performance Appraisals

DPR Tool Integration.png
DPR Access Navistar.png

Cloud DPR Tool    


Storage Maintenance Tool 

Proper storage practices are critical to an efficient warehouse operation. Organizations often make significant investments to slot and reorganize their storage, but seldom develop the proper storage maintenance techniques to maintain the improved state. Lean Quest has developed a Storage Maintenance Tool that allows the operation to sustain and improve upon the facility’s storage
rules and conditions. It takes uploads from your Warehouse
Management System and produces a report card of your storage
conditions that allow you to make the incremental
improvements that maintain the optimum storage conditions without
needing to reinvest in another slotting and reorganization effort.  

Storage Tool
Storage Maint Tool.png
  • Takes automated data feeds from your WMS and analyzes the current storage configuration vs. targets established in the tool

  • Provides a report card which allows prioritization of storage maintenance activities to optimize the storage environment 

  • Reviewed on 7 dimensions including: Velocity mismatch, home base mismatch, open location, downsize, etc.

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