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Training Simulation Kits​

Lean Quest has developed three training simulation kits that can be used to deliver multiple types of training workshops. For an organization with a large population of associates, it is often more effective for them to purchase the simulation kit and work with Lean Quest to develop a train-the-trainer program. Allowing them to bring the delivery in house at a substantially reduced cost.


All kits include the materials required for the simulation, instructor manuals, training materials (PowerPoint format) and spreadsheets for measuring the results. A train-the-trainer program has been created to develop and certify the instructor.


The three training simulation kits currently available are:

Lean Found Kit

Lean Foundation Kit


Utilizes Lego Cars to demonstrate the foundational thinking and vital elements of a Lean environment. Simulation can work in many configurations and go from 2 to 8 rounds; this depends on which key points are in focus -- used for workshop ranging from “Taste of Lean” to “Advanced Problem Solving.”

Training-Lego Action.png
Training-Lego Cars-SQ.png
WH Si Kit

Lean Warehouse Simulation Kit


Utilizes foam blocks to simulate a warehouse environment. Simulation is customizable and can be run in 2 to 3 rounds, depending on the key points to be communicated -- used for workshops on “Advanced Lean Warehousing Techniques” and “Lean Storage.”

Pick Faster WH Image_edited_edited.png
WH Sim Layout-SQ.png
S1B1 Kit

Lean Pull Based Supply Chains (Sell 1 Buy 1)


Utilizes movement of beads across a three-level supply chain to demonstrate the “bullwhip effect” and show the benefits of a pull-based sell-1-buy-1 supply chain. Simulation runs in 2 rounds, traditional and Lean -- used for the “Sell 1 Buy 1 Supply Chain Workshop.”

Trgn S1B1-2.png
Trgn S1B1-1.png
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