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Expected Results


The challenges organizations face today are many; Long lead times, low service levels, network and facility constraints, low quality, and high inventory levels to name a few. Add in global supply chains and numerous acquisitions, to complicate these challenges even further. The need to gain competitive advantage is a MUST. Companies are no longer just focused on working harder, realizing that working smarter is the key to success.
The results derived from a Lean Implementation include increased quality, consistency, and customer responsiveness, which lead to an increase in customer satisfaction. Improved satisfaction, combined with improved pricing leverage from reduced cost structures, allows for an overall increase in sales. Our Clients can meet the increase in sales, without adding infrastructure because of the ever-increasing capacity generated by the Lean implementation. The results are increased sales in an environment of reduced costs providing bottom-line results of significantly increased profits.


It is common for an organization's supply chain to see the following improvements:

  • Productivity increased by 25% to 100%

  • Inventory decreased up to 50%

  • Cost of Poor Quality (Waste, Scrap, Rework) reduced 25% to 50%

  • Capital Equipment reduced by 35%

  • Storage Capacity increased by 30%

  • Safety – Cost of Lost Time improved 5% to 25%

It is common for manufacturing operations to see the following improvements:

  • End-of-Line Defects reduced by 30%

  • Late Deliveries decreased by more than 50%

  • WIP reduced more than 75%

  • Changeover times reduced by 50% to 75%


Every initiative also has benefits which are more difficult to calculate a monetary value:

Improved Customer Satisfaction (Internal & End Customers):

  • Order Fulfillment Rates increased

  • Customer Lead Times reduced

  • Quality improved

  • Customer Satisfaction increased (Consistent and Reliable results) 


Improved Culture:

  • Improved Employee Culture Scores 

  • Increased Employee Retention / Reduced Turnover and hiring cost (20 to 50%)

  • Increased Employee Empowerment and Engagement

  • Increased Rate of Improvement / Number CI Events  

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