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GetLeanCertified was created to fill a need within the industry. With no governing body for Lean, there have been many “versions” and “adaptations” that have drifted from the original founding values, principles and capabilities. This consortium of firms has a common understanding of Lean that can be tied directly to the teachings of Toyota and those that originated Lean thinking. 


GetLeanCertified is a consortium of Lean consulting firms that have come together to issue meaningful certificates for Lean methods, tools, techniques and capabilities. These certificates have been earned through individuals’ effort and study or as part of a capability initiative sponsored by any employer. GetLeanCertified offers two types of certificates.

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  • “Certificates of Completion” – issued to individuals that have completed a training program (one or more classes) to the satisfaction of a consortium member. 

  • “Certified Lean” – issued to individuals that have completed a training program and demonstrated a capability through an actual project(s) that have been reviewed and certified by a consortium member.  

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