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Knowledge transfer and the development of our clients’ capabilities are fundamental to the Lean Quest approach. This primarily comes from hands-on coaching and consulting, supported and enhanced by a foundation of effective and targeted training. 


To ensure our training offerings are effective, Lean Quest has studied adult learning and has incorporated this into the design of our training programs. All of our training programs combine a combination of classroom learning with simulations and exercises, with the goal of immediate application in the workplace.                            


Lean Certification


To support the training and to acknowledge the accomplishment of learning goals, Lean Quest has joined with a consortium of other Lean Consulting specialists to create Through we offer two types of certifications:

  • “Certificates of Completion” – issued to individuals that have completed a training program (one or more classes) to the satisfaction of a consortium member

  • “Certified Lean” – issued to individuals that have completed a training program and demonstrated a capability through an actual project(s) that have been reviewed and certified by a consortium member.


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