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Public Workshops

Public Workshops

Lean Quest partners with organizations that focus on education to deliver some of our most popular training programs in workshops available to individuals in a public format. This allows you to explore the concepts of Lean in a learning centered safe environment. You can see our training with a low level of commitment and network with other students. 


For many years Lean Quest has offered workshops through:

  • Lean Enterprise Institute 

  • Georgia Tech Professional Education 


These offerings combine classroom learning with simulations designed to enhance the learning of the students. The training is focused in implementing Lean in the warehouse and through your supply chain.


Both partners offer multiple sessions each year. To find the updated schedule and register for a public workshop, follow the links below: 

LEI Training.png
GA Tech Training.png

Private Workshops

Private Workshops

Lean Quest has designed a series of workshops that are a cost-effective way to introduce all employees to the fundamental concepts of Lean that the organization is implementing. These workshops range from introductory topics to advanced concepts. They are particularly effective at building the awareness that is required to create the foundational knowledge needed to address complex activities. Examples of these workshops include:

Training-Lego Cars-SQ.png

Taste of Lean 

  • Introduction to the Lean Values, Principles and Capabilities

  • Includes hands-on simulation 

  • 0.5- and 1-day formats available

Problem Solving / Kaizen Workshop

  • Introduction to the 7-Step Problem Solving Process plus the tools of problems grouped into four groups: Define the Problem, Data Analysis, Solutions / Actions, and Sustainment

  • Includes hands-on simulation and exercises 

  • 1- to 5-day formats available

WH Sim Layout-SQ.png

Advanced Lean Warehousing 

  • Hands-on workshop to explore the critical concepts of a Lean Warehouse including Lean Storage and a Just In Time operation

  • Includes hands-on simulation and exercises 

  • 1- and 2-day formats available

Lean Supply Chains (Sell 1 Buy 1)

  • Introduces the fundamental concepts of a Lean pull-based supply chain, demonstrates how a sell 1 buy 1 replenishment system can combat the “bullwhip” effect  

  • Includes hands-on simulation 

  • 0.5- and 1-day formats available

Trgn S1B1-2.png
Trng - Foundations.png

Foundations Workshop

  • Hands-on workshop for the concepts and tools for implementing and sustaining Standard Work

  • Includes hands-on exercises 

  • 3- to 5-day formats available

Value Stream Mapping Workshop

  • Hands-on workshop to learn how construct a value stream map and to develop an improvement plan for one of your processes

  • Includes hands-on exercise 

  • 3- to 5-day formats available

Trng - Storage.png

Lean Storage Techniques 

  • Hands-on workshop to learn and explore the application of the 7-Lean Storage Techniques 

  • Includes hands-on activities

  • 0.5- to 2-day formats available

Lean Project Management 

  • Hands-on workshop on applying the Lean Values, Principles and Capabilities to project management and to create the visuals for one of your projects

  • Includes hands-on exercise 

  • 1- to 3-day formats available

Trng - Proj Mgmt.png
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