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Continuous Improvement



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Consulting CI KnowledgeSharing
Knowledge Sharing



  • The conference is designed to assist senior leadership drive their organizational transformation through assessing the organization’s current capabilities and results; reinforcing accountability; improving organizational capabilities through shared learning and participant development.



  • Facilitate organizational transformation within departments, between departments and/or across a supply chain.

  • Reinforce accountability, recognize and reward Continuous Improvement activities.

  • Provide participants with lean strategic and annual direction.

  • Workshops to deepen their knowledge and capability linked to the transformation direction.

  • Promote consistent use of the Continuous Improvement Process to achieve Business Plan Results.



  • Drive change

  • Establish expectations

  • Improve organizational and individual capability

  • Sharing know-how and lessons learned

  • Recognize accomplishments 

Quick Start

The Lean Quest Distribution Quick Start Program has been designed to allow companies to capture major benefits as quickly as possible. This is not a replacement for a comprehensive Lean

implementation, but rather a program that will breakdown many of the barriers to change while

developing the results needed to fuel a complete Lean implementation.


• While the Lean Quest Distribution Quick Start Program is designed to touch the critical success points in a prescribed format, there is flexibility designed in to address the needs of each local environment. A typical distribution center program can be completed within 6 months and should begin to show benefits and returns 8 to 10 weeks after the start of the program. At the conclusion of this program the key Lean concepts will be proven and the foundation will be in place to launch a full Lean rollout. The key elements of the Quick Start Program are broken into 3 parallel tracks:


Management Practices

• This track will lay the foundation for the management, leadership and cultural pieces required for a successful Lean environment. This track establishes selected tools and methods to develop a foundation for changing the established culture.


Lean Operations.

• This track establishes the foundation tools, methods and principles required to achieve a Lean operation. In addition to establishing a foundation, this track will also pilot more advanced concepts like small batch processing. This foundation will provide substantial benefits in the current operation while providing a platform from which to build.


Layout and Storage

• This track will focus on establishing Lean storage for the highest volume part numbers, reviewing the overall building layout, and creating an overall storage plan for the building. By enhancing the storage techniques for the key part numbers short-term benefits can be achieved while the storage for the remainder of the parts is addressed. By making these changes the operation will enjoy increases in productivity, reductions in errors, and increased safety for the workforce.


• The Lean Quest Distribution Quick Start Program is an excellent way to jump start the transformation to a

Lean environment.

Consulting CI QuickStart
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