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DPR Interactive Screen Demo

Use the demo below to explore the various screens in the DPR Tool. Click on the orange menu boxes to see the screens and click anywhere on the graphic to return to main menu.


**The Demo is not available in Mobile Version**


See below for key documents - Standard Reporting A3, an example SOP, and example reports from the DPR tool.

DPR Main Page.PNG
DPR Set up.PNG

The setup menu has many parameters that allow for complete customization based on your requirements. Typically a local system admin controls and updates the settings without any assistance from Lean Quest.

DPR Report menu.PNG

The report menu allows the user to run 4 standard reports with many parameters and choices. You can choose a single date or a date range and even limit based on days of the week.  There are quick buttons for common date ranges. Trend reports can be run for detail in daily, weekly, or monthly groupings.

DPR Volume page.PNG

The Volume input screen is used to input units data at the group level - by function.  This is used when units data is not available by associate.  This screen if not used very often because most systems can track data by associate, which is the ideal state fro productivity tracking.

DPR Employee Edit.PNG

This is one of the most used screens in the DPR Tool. This screen is used to input and reconcile labor hours and units. The input can be completed manually or automatically imported from payroll and/orWMS systems. Accuracy of production data is key in order to have a robust performance reporting 


**The Group Updates and Record Stats are clickable to see more detail**

DPR Group Updates.PNG
DPR record stats.PNG

The Records Stats screen is a tool that facilitates daily reconciliation of labor hours.  It can be expanded to show each associate's detail and allows the user to directly go to the associates labor screen to make updates.

If making updates manually, users can use the group updates to quickly complete edits in mass.  Examples of when this might be helpful is for assignments that impact large groups of associates: a town hall, safety meetings, a fire alarm drill, etc.

DPR Main Report.png
Key Documents
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