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Standardize Current State



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Warehouse Value Stream Mapping


  • Value Stream Mapping is a technique used to document all of the product flows (value added and non-value added) and information flows that are required to move a product through the operation from start to finish and the time required for each step. 



  • Value Stream Mapping serves as a starting point to assist organizations (associates to senior leaders) in recognizing waste and identifying opportunities for Continuous Improvement. It also provides a structured vision for a more efficient, waste free futurestate of the value stream.



  • Quantify and document the current state performance of a process (establish a baseline).

  • Recognize the waste inherent in the value stream and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Prioritized opportunities for improvement.

  • Opportunities to accomplish the following:

- Balance the flow of product with customer demand.

- Reduce lead times and increased on-time customer delivery.

- Reduce inventory, processing times, and overall cost.

Layered Check Act



The Layered Check/Act Process is a high leverage auditing strategy used by all levels of

leadership to ensure that Standardized Work is sustained. Leadership participation

reinforces the organizations commitment to Continuous Improvement and focuses the

leadership effort on managing to standards until performance becomes habitual and

consistent. This critical leadership responsibility supports quality through Standardized





The Layered Check/Act Process is a tool used to perform frequent “Checks” against

Standard Operating Procedures. These “Checks” result in Standard Operating Procedure

compliance and Problem Identification which lay the groundwork for focused PDCA

actions. These “Actions” are taken to close gaps and improve processes. The “Layered”

aspect relates to all levels of management participating to ensure process performance is

viewed at many different angles by many sets of eyes.




  • Sustain Standardized Work

  • Reduce Variation

  • Reduce Waste

  • Reduce Cost

  • Increase Productivity


Consulting StandardizeCurrentState LayeredCheckAct
Consulting StandardizeCurrentState StdOps



  • Standardize Current State Operations is a strategy used to standardize and stabilize operations with high variation, producing unpredictable and less than optimum results. This strategy ensures process control and creates an environment capable of producing improved, predictable and repeatable results that align to business plan objectives. Furthermore, it establishes a strong foundation capable of satisfying customer and organizational needs.




  • Standardize Current State Operations provides clarity on the current process by organizing and defining worker and material movement. Hence establishing a process with the most efficient and safest work methods possible that are repeatable and consistent. In addition, it establishes the baseline required for effective Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement.




  • Standardize processes

  • Build process stability

  • Build predictable processes that deliver improved performance

  • Develop training tools for new associates

  • Implement tools to identify Waste

  • Establish quality control measures to identify excess variation

  • Sustainable Improvements

  • Establish a foundation for Continuous Improvement

Standardize Current State Operations
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