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StrategyDevelopment ExecutiveSummary
Executive Summary


Looking for ways to improve your organizational performance and wondering how lean can help and what is involved? Lean Quest can provide your Executives with an overview of Lean including it's history, how it has evolved, basis for how it can help your organization statistically, and how Lean Quest can help create a roadmap for your tailored engagement. After conducting an interview, Lean Quest will be prepared to give your team an overview presentation that deepens their understanding of Lean and how it can help boost your organizational performance. 1-2 days.

Strategic Planning

In this phase, we work with our Client to develop a strategic plan for successfully implementing Lean methods. This involves a reoccurring process that includes the following steps • Develop management support mechanisms • Establish a model at the next level • Establish firm roots in the organization • Expand the model to the system • Establish a model This phase results in a strategic implementation plan and statement of work that includes suggested action plans and goals that will allow our Client to implement in measured steps that support a strategy of phased entrenchment. (Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan 4 - 8 weeks) 


• The key to successful implementation of a Lean supply chain is the full integration and engagement of all levels of the organization. To achieve this it is critical to build the proper knowledge base and match it with practical experience. To facilitate this, Lean Quest utilizes a combination of: – Coaching / Mentoring Targeted at management and key associates. This process is focused on 1-on-1 or small teams where the needs of the individual and operation are identified, appropriate action plans are created, the activities are observed and timely feedback is provided. This is a repetitive learning cycle. – Training Combination of simulations, workshops and lecture focused on key concepts that are likely to be a common point of need. This will be targeted at groups of associates on an as needed basis. – Assessments Combination of tools that are used to measure progress (a key to sustainability) and to determine the highest impact improvement areas. 

StrategyDevelopment StrategicPlanning
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